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more info more info About Us MoxiE Inductor Corporation is an ISO 9001:2015 certified  worldwide leader in electronic component design, development, and manufacturing.    Our wide array of power and transformer products are used in lighting, professional audio, computing, industrial electronics, defense and power  conversion.  With state-of-the-art custom designs and catalog products, MoxiE is a complete source for electronics OEM’s and ODM’s.  MoxiE is an UL  registered and certified firm for both the United States and Canada.   We pride ourselves as the preferred supplier for many Fortune 500 companies  and international contract manufacturers.      MoxiE’s Business Model Get us involved during the design stage and take advantage of our engineering experience.  MoxiE’s extensive magnetics knowledge can often help reduce part cost, part count or assembly operations, all leading to greater manufacturing savings for your company.  MoxiE also provides direct part crosses and cost saving alternatives to all major competitors.  The design staff at MoxiE employs a passionate approach to the research and  develop of new inductor products resulting in innovative  technology.  Innovation is the design staff’s philosophy and they are encouraged to  communicate new ideas to promote the success of your company and the reliability of our products.  Custom magnetics is our specialty and MoxiE  has some of the most innovative designs in magnetic technology.  MoxiE’s Philanthropic Activities MoxiE’s commitment extends to helping local communities fostering better educational systems, donating funds to the cure devastating diseases, supporting arts and culture, protecting and improving the environment and actively encouraging employee volunteerism The spirit of philanthropy is deeply imbedded in the culture of MoxiE.  We’re proud of the many programs and partnerships that have touched the lives in all corners of the  world.  A portion of MoxiE Inductor Corporation’s profits has been distributed among the following charities:       MoxiE’s Carbon Footprint Environmental considerations are an integral part of MoxiE’s business practices.  That’s why from the earliest stages of product design  through manufacturing to customer use and recycling, we take care to keep our products and our activities environmentally sound.   We are focusing our efforts on product and packaging design, materials, energy efficiency and recycling.  Each aspect of the design  cycle provides significant challenges, yet our efforts in these areas have resulted in success.  MoxiE’s Materials MoxiE helps to safeguard the environment, as well as our customer’s safety by restricting the use of environmentally harmful compounds in our products and manufacturing processes.  In addition to the substances that have been restricted  or eliminated MoxiE has implemented the latest European REACH and RoHS directives to all of the products designed and manufactured.  MoxiE’s Recycling MoxiE’s holistic, lifecycle approach to recycling included using highly recyclable materials in products and packaging.  Our recycling  and reuse rates in our global manufacturing facilities have also increased dramatically over the years, reducing the percentage of materials that are land-filled.  We have set expectations of environmental excellence throughout MoxiE’s supply chain and utilize and Environmental Management System approach to establish goals, implement programs, monitor technology and environmental management practices, evaluate progress, and continually improve our environmental performance.
MoxiE’s Experience Our experienced staff is trained to assist you from the prototype stages of your product on through full-scale production.  We pride ourselves on providing you with the most up-to-date information in the shortest amount of time.  MoxiE recognizes the importance of time to market for emerging technologies and has developed an internal infrastructure to meed the most stringent demands